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Well, the great migration from Livejournal to Dreamwidth finished, but all the links in the story indexes, not to mention the links in the multi-part stories to the next part, still point to the old Livejournal pages. *sigh*

It's gonna take me a while to get all that fixed. I have other deadlines pounding down my door, so I can't promise when I'll get around to fixing all this -- there's a heck of a lot to fix! In the meantime, y'all will have to pretend you're on a treasure hunt when you're wandering around this journal looking for stories.
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Hey readers and friends (I think there are still some of you out there *g*).

I'm in the process of importing this journal over to Dreamwidth.org. (They tell me I'm in the queue.) I'm jasmineskie over there, too, so feel free to find me on Dreamwidth.

I won't be making any more posts over here, nor will I be approving any more friend requests here. I may be deleting the whole damn journal, I haven't decided yet. It just rubs me the wrong way that I had to agree to a new TOS that isn't a legal document if I sign the English version but I can't read the Russian version to know what I'm signing, all in order to access this journal. Yes, Livejournal's owned by a Russian company that can do anything it wants with its property. I've got no beef with that. I'm an English-speaking user who doesn't like agreeing to things I can't read, so I'm just taking my toys and playing elsewhere. I'm pretty sure LJ won't care since I don't have a paid journal anymore, so they're not losing money.

It may take a while for the journal to import over to its new home, so I won't be making any drastic changes for a bit yet. Just wanted to give everyone a head's up.
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Banner by [livejournal.com profile] vogirl78

Like the banner says, my stories are friends only. I have a pretty easy friending policy though. Just ask. Comment to this post. You don't even have to friend me back. *g*

I am going to be really cautious about friending blank journals though. While I understand the whole lurker mentality (I used to be one, believe it or not), if you have a blank journal you never update, you don't list your age or location on your user info page, or you have no interests, users, or communities that we might have in common, I'm going to need some information about how you found me before I decide whether to friend you.

Everyone currently on my friends list doesn't have to ask again. I'm not removing anyone or starting over or anything. *hugs* This post is just meant to be an easy place for people to comment to be friended. :)

Index to older stories

Index to stories posted after April, 2005

ETA: As much as I might want to, I can't friend anonymous readers. The friending feature on live journal doesn't work that way. If you want me to friend you, you have to have a live journal account of your own and let me know your user name. Go here to set up your own live journal account.
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A really long time ago I did a poll asking who still read this journal. The purpose was to update my flist, which is more like a readers list anyway since this journal's become a fiction journal. Today (eight months later - ack!) I finally got around to updating my readers list.

Anyone who responded to the poll should still be on my flist. I also kept anyone who's asked to be friended over the last eight months.

If I made any mistakes, please let me know and I'll add you back to my flist. If I cut you, please don't take it personally. I probably have you friended over on my personal journal - [livejournal.com profile] jassyskie. If I don't, it means we don't have much in common anymore. But if you'd like to still occasionally read my stories, just let me know and I'll add you back.
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Well, this is quite a day. I have not one, but two new stories out today at Torquere. :)

The first one is It's Tradition -- here's a short summary:

"Justin isn't much for Vegas Christmas parties, especially when his sister is throwing them. She always wants to set him up with someone, and this time is no different. Justin thinks Reggie is hot, but he's been hurt too badly to trust someone so quickly, and he decides to leave before he can get too interested. Can meeting up with Reggie at his sister's house for dinner change Justin's mind?"

And under the cut, a a short excerpt )

It's Tradition is available here for $1.29 US.

The second story is a novelette -- Secret Santa. Here's a summary:

"Ollie Dickinson, the office Scrooge, hates company parties, especially the yearly Secret Santa gift exchange. Except this year he's drawn Matt Robbins, the hot new junior accountant, who just happens to be the object of loner Ollie's very secret fantasies. Great, right? Not exactly. Matt is the protégé -- and some say boy toy -- of Ollie's cougar boss, and totally out of poor Ollie's middle management league.

Ollie finds out his secret crush on Matt isn't quite so secret when he gets gift-giving advice from co-workers who seem to be pushing him in Matt's direction. Can Ollie find the perfect Christmas gift and win Matt's heart without getting himself fired? Christmas is, after all, the season of miracles."

And under the cut, a short sample )

Secret Santa is available here for $2.49.

Both stories feature one old and one younger guy. I'm sure you all know what my inspiration was in writing them. ;)


Nov. 10th, 2008 06:25 pm
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Wow! Thanks to everyone who voted for "Scars." :D Thanks also to [livejournal.com profile] foxrafer and [livejournal.com profile] stormatdusk for all their hard work with the MOME awards.

Congratulations to everyone else whose stories were nominated and those who won. I saw a lot of favorites on that list. :)
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I've temporarily unlocked two of my fics which have been nominated for MOME awards:

Snips 'N Snails in the Classic Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen Short Fiction category

Scars in the Classic General FPS Long Fiction - Other Characters category

Voting begins on September 17th and runs through October 31st.

Thanks to those who nominated my stories. *hugs* I was especially surprised by the nomination for Snips. :)

These two stories will remain unlocked through the end of November.
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The Tao of Play
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Musings on letting your inner child out out to play.
Disclaimer: Not a bit of this is true except in my imagination.
Note: Written for the [livejournal.com profile] viggos_50 challenge. Word: poetry. One down, forty-nine left to go.
Archive: Only in the [livejournal.com profile] viggos_50 community and my journal. Nowhere else, please.

Sometimes the child that lives behind his eyeballs gets control of his fingers and takes over. )
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Remember Wiseguys, my original fic at Torquere Press? Torquere just published my Christmas sequel, Wiseguys: Christmas in Idaho.

Here's the summary:

Wiseguys Tony and Carter are back, and they're in Idaho for Christmas, thanks to the snow. When Carter decides he wants to learn to ski, they head for the local supply shop, bonding a little with the owner. Things go awry for the pair, though, and they're not sure they'll even survive the holiday. Can Tony and Carter make it through?

And here's a little snippet:

Tony decided to stay in Idaho a while when he woke up that first morning, still dog-tired from driving, and saw Carter standing naked by the room's lone window, the drapes cracked open, watching the snow fall. )

VMan! :D

Apr. 5th, 2007 12:49 am
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] littlegreenleaf, I have my very own copy of the Orlando VMan issue! :D I couldn't find the magazine anywhere around here, and Steph very kindly offered to send me one. Thank you so much, sweetie! *HUGS* You're a wonderful, wonderful friend. :D
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Happy, happy birthday, darlin`! :D

I hope your day is grand and glorious, or at least lazy and joyful, filled with all the things that make you smile. Enjoy a nice cup of tea or a decadent mocha, some even more decadent chocolate, and spoil yourself rotten. ;) *hugs*


Mar. 23rd, 2007 12:10 pm
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Splenda is apparently six times sweeter than sugar, Equal twice as sweet as sugar. This according to some expert-type person on The Today Show this morning. The Today Show, otherwise known as Background Noise Show while I was running around trying to get ready for work after I overslept this morning.

Anyway, back to Splenda... the package says it can be substituted for sugar cup for cup in baked goods. No wonder some products made that way taste too damn sweet, like most sugarfree loaf cakes or the sugarfree granola bars I found. I don't even like sugarfree Minute Maid lemonade, which is so sweet it tastes terrible. News flash, ye olde makers of sugarfree products: I'm diabetic. I'm used to eating things that aren't sweet. Make them too sweet and even if they're sugarfree, I still won't eat them.

On a totally different and somewhat embarrassing note, I'm horribly late in thanking everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! *hugs* You guys were all so sweet, and not in an overdone, Splenda kind of way. ;) Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] why_me_why_not, [livejournal.com profile] rifleman_s, and [livejournal.com profile] littlegreenleaf for the birthday cards, [livejournal.com profile] ma_chelle, [livejournal.com profile] foxrafer, [livejournal.com profile] mesnica, and [livejournal.com profile] em_ee_ell for the ecards, and [livejournal.com profile] viggosterri for the virtual box of chocolate! *HUGS* My family and friends treated me wonderfully too. I got all sort of media-related things, like DVDs and books, including a gorgeous John Howe artbook" from [livejournal.com profile] loyaldreamer. *hugs* One of the pieces of art in that book inspired the setting in an upcoming chapter of "Minstrel of the Dawn."

I have a few things to post, fic-wise, that should be up starting either later today or this weekend. I need to get back to work now, but it's too pretty outside and I have no ambition -- I'd rather be out there than in here.

ETA: Apparently I also suck at replying to feedback lately. Spring fever all around, it seems. Will get to that too, but thankyouthankyou generally to everyone who reads and comments. *HUGS*


Mar. 20th, 2007 09:40 pm
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"America is not a country where the small gesture goes noticed... We want everything you have and we want it as fast as you can turn it out.

"I read in an interview with Frank Sinatra in which he said about Judy Garland, 'Every time she sings, she dies a little.' That's how much she gave. It's true for writers too, who hope to create something lasting. They die a little getting it right. And then the book comes out, and there's a dinner and maybe they give you a prize, and then comes the inevitable and very American question: What's next? But the next thing can be so hard because now you know what it demands." -- Nelle Harper Lee, Infamous

I didn't know what to expect from this movie, and after seeing Capote, I wasn't sure why this version of the story behind Capote's In Cold Blood was even made. But I had a freebie rental and a night to myself (with no House *boo!*), so I figured, what the heck.

Man, am I glad I rented this one. Even though it's based on the same events, Infamous is a drastically different movie from Capote. Infamous is about emotion, pure and simple. It's about finding humanity in a person who did an inhuman act. It's about finding love where you shouldn't.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toby Jones played Capote very differently. Oh sure, they got the mannerisms and that unique voice down pat, and both versions didn't avoid showing Capote's substantial ego, but Toby Jones' Capote is a much more sympathetic character. As much as I enjoyed Capote and thought PSH deserved the Oscar, I think it's Infamous that I'll be buying.
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[livejournal.com profile] pseudoblu pointed this out, and I had to share considering that I have a lot of these MEGAbloks Pirates things. Why yes, I will buy almost anything Pirates related, why do you ask? ;)

click on the Toy Animation link
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good god...

I am SO glad I checked LJ at home this morning instead of waiting until I got to work. Those Orlando Vman pics all over my flist?? Whew!

What a way to start a Monday morning. *g*

ETA: Link to the rest of the pics on OLove here.
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[livejournal.com profile] metamaura had a marvelous idea. She started a community -- [livejournal.com profile] no_nasty_vgifts -- solely for the purpose of petitioning LJ to no longer make nasty vgifts an option. Go here to sign the petition.

What's the big deal about getting a black rose or a broken heart (or a lump of coal or pile of doggy poo) as a vgift? I personally think a black rose is kinda cool and just as pretty as a red or yellow rose, but imagine -- if you're already down in the dumps and some anonymous moron sends you a black rose with a hurtful message, well, you might not think it was so cool. You might wonder who out there, a person who presumably reads your journal on more than just an occasional basis, hates you enough to spend money to send you a nasty message but doesn't have the balls to sign a name to the gift.

I've had three people on my flist be sent these things recently by cruel, anonymous senders. The gifts were meant to hurt. They were meant to make the recipient feel bad, and in a cowardly way since they were sent anonymously. LJ users can block anonymous comments in their journals. LJ doesn't currently have an option (that I know of) to block anonymous gifts. Sure, the gifts can be deleted, but the damage has already been done, hasn't it.

Some people probably think this is much ado about nothing. For them, it probably is. They can look at a mean-spirited gift, laugh about the loser who spent good money to send it, and move on. Some people just have thicker skins than others; what rolls off their backs might depress someone else for days.

Life (and LJ) already offer plenty of ways for us to be cruel and nasty to each other. LJ doesn't need to make it so easy to be cruel anonymously just so they can make a buck.
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Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend and fellow geek in most things (if not zombies, and most especially not Saw *shudder*). You introduced me to score music *eyes stack of score CDs* and the wonders of Aragorn/Legolas fanfic (eons ago), and I returned the favor with RPS. You are currently intriguing me with the world of BJD. You sure I can't interest you in a nice needlework project or two? ;)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, sweetie! *hugs*
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See that icon up there? That was me last night trying to write. ;) Although I did get a little writing in here and there between working late, running errands. Napping at the keyboard. And I think food was involved at some point, like at 11:30.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my dead computer post. *hugs* The tech guys called last night and said my computer was ready. The hard drive didn't die exactly -- they were able to get it to work by doing a system restore. Although they couldn't tell me why the hard drive diagnostic I tried to run wouldn't work at all, which is what made me think the hard drive had died so I didn't run the system restore myself with the gobs of restore CDs I made when I bought the thing. Good news is that they didn't charge me for doing the system restore. Bad news is that because I wouldn't pay $99 to have them attempt to save the data, it's all gone and the computer's back to what it looked like when I first bought it. So I'll be browsing around the iTunes info and programs you guys linked me to this weekend to see if I can dump my iTunes library on my computer from my iPod.

I sort of watched Lost last night. You know... I used to tape the shows. I actually have a few eps on my iPod. But this season? I quit taping the eps when it came back after the last break. Last night I missed the first twenty minutes or so, and you know what? I didn't care. The show has so lost me (no pun instended) as a viewer with all those eps devoted to The Others and the mysteries that never seem to end. Every once in a while, it might be nice to actually answer a question with a somewhat relevant answer that makes some kind of sense, instead of all just leading to more and more questions.

Or, you know... I could just be getting grumpy and less patient as I get older. Or something like that. ;)


Mar. 5th, 2007 12:08 am
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So yesterday when I went to boot up my new laptop, it refused to cooperate. Even in safe mode. Even in last successful mode. In any frigging mode. The diagnostic test I tried to run on the hard drive reported total hard drive failure. :/ Did I mention this computer is less than seven months old?

I took it back to where I bought it (and where I bought a two-year extended warranty) only to discover that it was too new and has to be sent back to the manufacturer. At least I don't have to do it -- they'll do it -- but it will take two weeks, if not longer, before I get it back. :/ :/

The good news is that all my writing's backed up, so I didn't lose any stories. The bad news is that I haven't backed up my most recent iTunes purchases, so those things might be gone. Ditto the custom layout I had for my one computer game vice - Mahjongg. :( I can redo the Mahjongg tiles (it will just take time). If I have to repurchase the iTunes stuff, it will still cost less than the $99 they wanted to charge me for data recovery. Anybody iTunes savvy on my flist know if I can reverse the process -- upload from my iPod to the computer to recreate what I used to have on iTunes? I'm guessing that I'll end up with a new hard drive and will have to reinstall everything when I get my computer back. I'd really rather not have to re-rip all the music I used to have in iTunes if I don't have to.


Feb. 27th, 2007 11:47 am
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So yesterday the headline for my horoscope was "communication struggles could arise." Yesterday afternoon was filled with major communication struggles and stress. Even cooking and I weren't communicating well. *sigh*

Today's horoscope: "Mood swings can be intense."

Err... eeep? Like my hormones need any help from the stars, thank you very much.

If you need me, I'll be hiding under this rock over there. The one that's, you know, not covered with snow and frozen to the ground.
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