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Hey readers and friends (I think there are still some of you out there *g*).

I'm in the process of importing this journal over to Dreamwidth.org. (They tell me I'm in the queue.) I'm jasmineskie over there, too, so feel free to find me on Dreamwidth.

I won't be making any more posts over here, nor will I be approving any more friend requests here. I may be deleting the whole damn journal, I haven't decided yet. It just rubs me the wrong way that I had to agree to a new TOS that isn't a legal document if I sign the English version but I can't read the Russian version to know what I'm signing, all in order to access this journal. Yes, Livejournal's owned by a Russian company that can do anything it wants with its property. I've got no beef with that. I'm an English-speaking user who doesn't like agreeing to things I can't read, so I'm just taking my toys and playing elsewhere. I'm pretty sure LJ won't care since I don't have a paid journal anymore, so they're not losing money.

It may take a while for the journal to import over to its new home, so I won't be making any drastic changes for a bit yet. Just wanted to give everyone a head's up.
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