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Remember Wiseguys, my original fic at Torquere Press? Torquere just published my Christmas sequel, Wiseguys: Christmas in Idaho.

Here's the summary:

Wiseguys Tony and Carter are back, and they're in Idaho for Christmas, thanks to the snow. When Carter decides he wants to learn to ski, they head for the local supply shop, bonding a little with the owner. Things go awry for the pair, though, and they're not sure they'll even survive the holiday. Can Tony and Carter make it through?

And here's a little snippet:

Tony decided to stay in Idaho a while when he woke up that first morning, still dog-tired from driving, and saw Carter standing naked by the room's lone window, the drapes cracked open, watching the snow fall. He had an expression on his face like a little kid on his way to see Santa. The sight of beefy Carter, all hard muscles and shorn skull and goofy grin, did things to Tony's heart – not to mention his cock – that Uncle Sid never would have approved of. But Uncle Sid was six months dead now, Carter's shoulder was long healed from the bullet he'd taken for Tony, and the two of them were their own family. All they had left in the world was each other, and that was all they needed.

"You see something special out there?" Tony asked, voice still scratchy with sleep.

Carter turned from the window, grinning wide. "Snow. Ain't nothing like this back in Jersey." He rubbed the top of his head with one large hand. "Gonna need one of those knit beanies or something. I don't look so good with hair."

Carter had started shaving his scalp about the same time he started shaving his face. Tony had to think hard to remember what Carter even looked like when he'd had hair. He thought it might have been curly. Hugged tight against his scalp, dark brown, and curly.

"We had snow in Jersey," Tony said. "I remember going to midnight mass Christmas Eve at St. Luke's in a fucking snowstorm. Feet wet and cold all through Father Mark's sermon."

"Not snow like this. Gonna need a hat, I tell ya." Carter held out his hand. "C'mon, sleepyhead. Come look."

Tony got out from under the covers, shivered as the cold air in the room hit his skin. "It's fucking freezing out here." Still, even with his grumbling and the cold air and the rough motel carpet under his feet, he smiled at the little kid look on Carter's face.

They had a second story room. The view from the window looked out over a parking lot half-filled with cars. Snow fell in a heavy curtain, obliterating the world beyond the street in front of the motel. The cars in the lot already had a good four inches of snow on them.

Tony went to stand next to Carter. Carter was having none of it. He wrapped a heavy arm around Tony and pulled him back against his chest, Tony's bare ass snugged in tight against Carter's body.

"We're snowed in," Tony said.

Not exactly true. He could see shapes of cars moving around out there, big lumbering trucks and smaller cars rattle-thumping by on their chained-up tires, headlights piercing the snowy gloom.

Carter was right. It had snowed in Jersey, but it had always seemed like thin, dirty snow, even when it snowed enough to close down schools and businesses and give everyone an unexpected day off. It hadn't snowed like this though. Not the kind of snow that made the world seem clean and new.

"I think I want to stay here for a while," Tony said.

Carter rumbled a laugh from deep in his chest. "That's good, ‘cause I don't think the van's gonna do so good in this weather."

They stood watching the snow for a while, then Carter's cock perked up, snug as it was against Tony's rear end.

Tony chuckled, wiggled his ass suggestively, and Carter's big hands came down to grab Tony. Then it was hot kisses and hard cocks, and moans and sweaty bodies back on their king-size bed, the outside world of snow forgotten.
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