Mar. 23rd, 2007 12:10 pm
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Splenda is apparently six times sweeter than sugar, Equal twice as sweet as sugar. This according to some expert-type person on The Today Show this morning. The Today Show, otherwise known as Background Noise Show while I was running around trying to get ready for work after I overslept this morning.

Anyway, back to Splenda... the package says it can be substituted for sugar cup for cup in baked goods. No wonder some products made that way taste too damn sweet, like most sugarfree loaf cakes or the sugarfree granola bars I found. I don't even like sugarfree Minute Maid lemonade, which is so sweet it tastes terrible. News flash, ye olde makers of sugarfree products: I'm diabetic. I'm used to eating things that aren't sweet. Make them too sweet and even if they're sugarfree, I still won't eat them.

On a totally different and somewhat embarrassing note, I'm horribly late in thanking everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! *hugs* You guys were all so sweet, and not in an overdone, Splenda kind of way. ;) Special thanks to [ profile] why_me_why_not, [ profile] rifleman_s, and [ profile] littlegreenleaf for the birthday cards, [ profile] ma_chelle, [ profile] foxrafer, [ profile] mesnica, and [ profile] em_ee_ell for the ecards, and [ profile] viggosterri for the virtual box of chocolate! *HUGS* My family and friends treated me wonderfully too. I got all sort of media-related things, like DVDs and books, including a gorgeous John Howe artbook" from [ profile] loyaldreamer. *hugs* One of the pieces of art in that book inspired the setting in an upcoming chapter of "Minstrel of the Dawn."

I have a few things to post, fic-wise, that should be up starting either later today or this weekend. I need to get back to work now, but it's too pretty outside and I have no ambition -- I'd rather be out there than in here.

ETA: Apparently I also suck at replying to feedback lately. Spring fever all around, it seems. Will get to that too, but thankyouthankyou generally to everyone who reads and comments. *HUGS*
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