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See that icon up there? That was me last night trying to write. ;) Although I did get a little writing in here and there between working late, running errands. Napping at the keyboard. And I think food was involved at some point, like at 11:30.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my dead computer post. *hugs* The tech guys called last night and said my computer was ready. The hard drive didn't die exactly -- they were able to get it to work by doing a system restore. Although they couldn't tell me why the hard drive diagnostic I tried to run wouldn't work at all, which is what made me think the hard drive had died so I didn't run the system restore myself with the gobs of restore CDs I made when I bought the thing. Good news is that they didn't charge me for doing the system restore. Bad news is that because I wouldn't pay $99 to have them attempt to save the data, it's all gone and the computer's back to what it looked like when I first bought it. So I'll be browsing around the iTunes info and programs you guys linked me to this weekend to see if I can dump my iTunes library on my computer from my iPod.

I sort of watched Lost last night. You know... I used to tape the shows. I actually have a few eps on my iPod. But this season? I quit taping the eps when it came back after the last break. Last night I missed the first twenty minutes or so, and you know what? I didn't care. The show has so lost me (no pun instended) as a viewer with all those eps devoted to The Others and the mysteries that never seem to end. Every once in a while, it might be nice to actually answer a question with a somewhat relevant answer that makes some kind of sense, instead of all just leading to more and more questions.

Or, you know... I could just be getting grumpy and less patient as I get older. Or something like that. ;)
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