Sep. 13th, 2014

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Like the banner says, my stories are friends only. I have a pretty easy friending policy though. Just ask. Comment to this post. You don't even have to friend me back. *g*

I am going to be really cautious about friending blank journals though. While I understand the whole lurker mentality (I used to be one, believe it or not), if you have a blank journal you never update, you don't list your age or location on your user info page, or you have no interests, users, or communities that we might have in common, I'm going to need some information about how you found me before I decide whether to friend you.

Everyone currently on my friends list doesn't have to ask again. I'm not removing anyone or starting over or anything. *hugs* This post is just meant to be an easy place for people to comment to be friended. :)

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ETA: As much as I might want to, I can't friend anonymous readers. The friending feature on live journal doesn't work that way. If you want me to friend you, you have to have a live journal account of your own and let me know your user name. Go here to set up your own live journal account.


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